How it Works

Here at the Buffalo Shirt Club, we have three questions for you (be honest):

  1. Do you like looking awesome and wearing comfortable clothes?
  2. Does Buffalo, NY hold a special place in your heart?
  3. Would you enjoy having surprise presents suddenly appear at your door each month?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, (we knew you would) then we started the Buffalo Shirt Club for you!

The concept is easy. You choose how you’d like to pay and then become a member. Once you’re signed up we’ll send you 1 awesome, limited edition t-shirt each month that will instantly make you way cooler than your friends. Each design we create is inspired by local 716 favorites – including the best bars, restaurants, breweries, and businesses whom we have partnered with to bring you this exclusive swag. Our designs are true limited editions (after that month, it is retired for good!), and each month is a surprise. Speaking of surprises, there will always be a bonus item in the box too: stickers, coupons, keychains – maybe even a kazoo – who knows?

Want to know more? Keep reading, or skip right to our Frequently Asked Questions.

About Our Shirts

We want to make sure you get the right fit for the items you want. When you join, you’ll receive a bonus shirt to make sure the size you picked fits correctly! If its a no-go just return it for another size. Check the spec sheets below for product information and sizing. Our products are high quality, soft and comfortable.

LENGTH (shoulder seam at collar to bottom hem) and WIDTH (side to side 1 inch below the sleeves)

Men’s Sizes

SizeLengthWidthSizing Fee
2XL32"26"+ $2
3XL33"28"+ $3

Women’s Sizes

SizeLengthWidthSizing Fee
2XL28.875"21.25"+ $2
3XL29.5"22.75"+ $3


Can I purchase retired shirts?
Our retired shirts are no longer available. We only print enough shirts for our active members for one month. Once all of the shirts for that month have been mailed out and we are out of stock, the shirt is retired and gone forever.

Can I change my shirt size or exchange my shirt for a different size after I sign up?
Yes, you can change your shirt size at any time. Just complete the Size Change form under Subscriptions in the membership area and we’ll take care of it for you. If your new shirt size is larger than your original and includes an additional fee, an email invoice for the additional amount will be sent to you. The new size will take effect on your account once this additional charge is paid. We will send you a free bonus sizing T-shirt with our logo on it when you first join which you can use to see if the size you have chosen is a good fit! If the

What’s in the box?
Every month you will receive a brand new, high quality T-shirt with a limited edition design as well as a small bonus gift.

How much will it cost?
Membership cost will vary per package. Month-to-month is $20 per month (+ sales tax for residents of NY state). If you sign up for the 6 month or 12 month package (paid up-front) your cost goes down to $18 or $15 per month respectively (+ sales tax for residents of NY state). Members must live in the USA and shipping is free. 2XL and 3XL shirt sizes have an additional fee per month of $2 and $3/month respectively.

Can I cancel my membership?
There is no additional commitment on month-to-month memberships, and you can cancel at any time within the current monthly period on your active subscription. If you cancel, your membership will be stopped and will not renew at the end of this period. Because monthly membership spans a full-month period, you will always receive the T-shirt for the month in which cancellation took place, if not already shipped at that time (For example, if you cancelled on August 23rd your membership period would end on September 23rd and your last T-shirt would be shipped on September 15th.) Longer terms of 6 or 12 month membership are only eligible for cancellation during the last 28 days of the membership term, during which you will receive your final shirt and membership will not be automatically renewed. Once your membership is cancelled, you may resubscribe after the current membership period has finished.

I don’t live in the USA, can I still join?
Unfortunately, we don’t offer shipping outside the USA at this time. Sorry!

Can I have more than one active subscription?
Sure, the more the merrier. You can sign up for as many subscriptions on one account as you would like, however at this time we only allow 1 shipping address per account. If you need to have another subscription shipped elsewhere, sign up and create a new account with a separate shipping address. Each subscription on your account will be charged and managed separately, and will receive only 1 free sizing t-shirt when opened.

How will my shirts be shipped?
Your shirts will be mailed each month via USPS. You should receive your first shirt within 5-7 business days of becoming a Buffalo Shirt Club member. From then on, all shirts will be shipped on the 15th of each month.

How am I charged?
6 month and 12 month subscriptions will be charged for the full term on checkout. Subscriptions are set to auto-renew. Month-to-month members will be charged for the first month immediately and at the start of each full month period moving forward that an active membership is present. (For example, if you sign up on November 12th, your next charge would automatically be deducted on December 12th)

What shirt will I get when I sign up?
Upon signing up, we will send you a free bonus shirt with our logo! You can use this to determine if the size you selected fits properly. (it will be shipped 1-2 days from joining) As for Club shirts, you will receive your first club shirt 5-7 days from the next ship date (15th of each month).

What is your return policy?
If your sizing shirt does not fit, please fill out the Size Change form and check the box indicating that says “I will be returning my sizing shirt and would like another in the new size”. There is no charge for replacing this sizing shirt, but you are required to cover shipping. Club shirts may NOT be returned unless there is a defect. If you receive a defective shirt please email and explain that you have received a defective shirt. Then, send the shirt back to us. When we receive it we will either replace it (if we have additional prints left), or you would receive a refund equivalent for one month of your subscription.

Please send all returns to the following address

Buffalo Shirt Club
5783 Camp Rd
Hamburg, NY 14057

Be sure to include the name and shipping address registered for your subscription as the return address, as well as your subscription # in parentheses next to your name. (You can find this in your account under “Subscriptions”)


John Smith (#207)
123 Main St
Buffalo, NY 12345